Thanks for the supporting and review! Bro Rez Arcane!

Thanks for the supporting and review! Bro Rez Arcane!
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Time: 11th Sep. 2014,  11:56am
Dear Night Force.
The following is my written review of the watch.

I will start this review by letting you know that I am not affiliated with Night Force in any way. I am just a guy who is quite informed and well-versed with nylon gear, particularly tactical gears or gears intended for hard-use. I understand what Denier means, and have had good understanding on 1050D nylon, 500-denier fabric, as well as the various weight nylon liners used i.e. 420D, 210D. I have handled and owned many packs, pouches, and gears made by well-known makers and mass manufacturers, ranging from high-end made in USA packs to cheap, chintzy ones made in Asia. In summary, I know a good product when I see, touch, and handle one.

It started when I was in the market for a ‘beater’ timepiece for my outdoor excursions and expeditions. My daily wear is a Luminox that my then-girlfriend gifted for my birthday, which has sentimental value, and is too precious to be trashed around. So I need a rugged watch that can stand up to abuse if need to, and I was looking along the range of Casio Tough watches. Eventually I was led to this specific watch..with a kick-ass near bomb-proof customized strap to boot! I made an order for the customized watch, and one week later, the watch arrived at my doorstep.
The packaging is simple yet pleasing. Nicely done. Once opened, I was amazed at the end product.
The watchband/strap is amazing. It is rugged and tough, and I am confident that it can withstand use and abuse. Every material used in making this is of very high quality. I requested if they could make my strap ‘sterile’ – clean, without any branding on it for a stealthier look, and Night Force happily commissioned one. They have cleverly hidden their brand under the timepiece.
For the color option, obviously I had chosen black for the murdered-out look, thus my particular strap is made of US-made 800D Cordura brand ballistic nylon, lined with suede leather. Hardware and webbings used are top-notch, not the cheap ones that will break by just looking at it wrong. Workmanship is excellent, with faultless fit and finish. Stitching straight and true, and is really secure especially with the secure Velcro closure. Neither stray ends nor errant thread anywhere to be seen. Since this is made bespoke for me, the fit is really perfect and comfortable. However, I was used to the Zulu strap by Maratac where my Luminox was attached onto, thus do note the strap is wide – maybe too wide for some people. I am somewhat large by stature, so the large watch and the wide strap would look good on my wrist. As with most nylon gear, the strap is pretty stiff brand new, but will no doubt soften up with use. Another caution if you intent to wear the watchstrap whilst wearing a glove – I find that the Mechanix Wear Original gloves interfered with strap as the glove’s velcro closure is made of thich PVC. However, the watchstrap fits fine over my 5.11 Tac-Lite Pro tactical gloves.
The best part is the VAT69 emblem. It is a lovely little surprise and I truly appreciate this, and shall wear it with pride in honor of our servicemen.
The Casio Tough Solar timepiece fits the look perfectly. Rest any fear, for the timepiece is authentic, and is a genuine Casio watch. The paperwork, warranty card, and user’s guide are present and accounted for. I love this model as it is really affordable, and packs features found in pricier brands. It has functions that can serve my needs well – water resistant to 100 meters,
analog hands, solar cells that can charge the built-in battery, stop watch,countdown timer, 5 alarms, world time, and digital display with LED illumination. If you are looking for more features for an outdoor adventure watch, i.e. altimeter, barometer, digital compass, GPS, etc. you may source other brands, or try the Protrek model by Casio. Else, get the watch strap and install your fav watch.
All in all, it was an excellent product. If you are an adventurer, an active serviceman, a law enforcer, or into military-chic fashion, a mall ninja, a doomsday prepper ready for the apocalypse, an airsofter, a paintball enthusiast, a cosplayer, a zombie hunter, or simply someone who wishes to get an affordable, stylish, and durable timepiece, I can say that I recommend the product, and the company. The strap is backed by a one-year warranty, and Casio international warranty for the timepiece.
It was a pleasure dealing with Night Force, and they were very attentive to my questions and specific needs. They are very professional, and the price is just right. Honestly, a real value for money. I have indeed receive compliments on the product from my colleagues, and my American friends.
Thanks Night Force!

Thanks for supporting! Bro Juan Chai~

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