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10 years ago

Cara-cara memasang puncho (Flysheet) sebagai tempat berlindung

Cara-cara memasang puncho (Flysheet) sebagai tempat berlindung Flysheet digunakan sebagai pelindung tanbahan untuk kemah. Ramai juga yang tidak menggunakan khemah tetapi menjadikan flysheet sebagai “Atap” utama mereka. Sebenarnya tiada ...

10 years ago

Survival Tips – Water

You can use stills in various areas of the world. They draw moisture from the ground and from plant material. You need certain materials to build a still, and ...

10 years ago

Water Procurement: The Most Dangerous Game

We all know how important water is and that we need to make sure we make it a priority in a survival situation. While it’s smart to create a solid ...

10 years ago


SURVIVAL KITS The Army has several basic survival kits, primarily for issue to aviators. There are kits for cold climates, hot climates, and overwater. There is also an individual ...

10 years ago

Survive a Flood with these easy steps!

Survive a Flood with these easy steps! Float upright in the water and take a deep breath. Lower your face into the water (keeping your mouth closed) and bring ...

11 years ago

How to setup water filtration devices?

If the water you find is also muddy, stagnant, and foul smelling, you can clear the water– By placing it in a container and letting it stand for 12 ...